Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guess who has tickets to watch The National?

That would be me.

Campo Pequeno, Lisbon. May 24.

Possibly the coolest group of visibly uncool, thirty-something white guys to hit the music scene since Death Cab For Cutie.



  1. hugely insulting that you can mention DCFC and the National in the same post, let alone the same blog.

  2. Ponce, you surprise me... I always took you to be a big fan of Death Cab.

    I know The National just about tops your list, but there's room for a lot of good bands out there! DCFC have got some great tracks IMHO.

    (In fairness, I'd be lying if I said I would have mentioned them anyway... i.e. Were it not simply to tie up my very-cool-but-at-the-same-time-obviously-uncool reference.)


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