Monday, October 10, 2011

Bryce Lawrence Reffing Flowchart


  1. Read this mornings Cape Times headline article on Bryce Lawrence - you should be able to get it on-line. It is about the views of a real heavyweight, Tim Noakes no less. Serious stuff - the words "match fixing" are even used.

  2. Afraid I don't buy that line at all. In fact, have you seen this:

    In a letter to the Cape Times, sports science guru Noakes accused New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence of benefiting from the outcome of the match, writing, “I am not saying that there was match-fixing, I am saying that the IRB must prove there wasn’t.”

    Historians of Medieval witch-trials have praised Noakes for his perfect grasp of Dark Ages jurisprudence.

    “1,000 years ago the burden of proof lay with the accused,” said one. “So you’d strap your grandmother to a stake, and say, ‘Prove you’re not a witch!’ shortly before turning her into a crispy critter.


  3. Come on, this is Tim Noakes we are talking about here, not some prima donna given to hysterical outbursts. Can you recall any other time that he has made a statement anywhere close to this. The man is a scientist and a damn good one. Don't get bewitched (no pun intended!!) by Hayibo because they are funny and shred just about anything they can.

  4. Well, I certainly support the scientific approach, but I don't buy this match-fixing line at all. In fact, it now seems that Noakes thinks his message was taken badly out of context... Noakes denies fixing claims.


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