Thursday, April 28, 2016

Farewell to Stickman's Corral

This will be my last post at Stickman's Corral.

I recently built a new website and all future blogging activity will be hosted here:

The move has been a while coming. I'd been maintaining several different web portals -- this blog, a Google Sites page, a GitHub account, the odd WordPress account -- all of which ended up becoming redundant and confusing. The new website collapses all of these disparate strands into a single entity. I intend for it to serve as both my professional webpage and a repository for any future blog posts.

I have also migrated/copied all of the old posts from this blog (including comments) over to the new website. The full range of discussions will be preserved there even as I no longer maintain this blog.

Still, it does feel like the end of a (mini) era. Stickman's ended up showing much greater stamina than I ever envisaged when first hitting the "create" button back in 2010. The dearth of recent posts notwithstanding, it has basically served as a travelogue of my journey through grad school and beyond. Along the way I've learnt a lot, enjoyed many great discussions, fed the odd troll, emigrated several times, managed to earn a PhD (probably should have mentioned that on the blog), got a new job (ditto) and even started a family (ditto).

I want to thank everyone that has ever taken the time to read something that I have posted here, or has been compelled to leave a comment of their own. I hope that you will be encouraged to do the same at my new website and please let me know if anything looks out of place.

See ya around.